Dear Guests

For many years the cruise ships have enjoyed huge profits porting in Belize. Why? Its simple, Belize has more to offer than any other port destination in the Caribbean, be it our majestic Maya Temples, the beautiful barrier reef, the mysterious underground caves, our immense rainforest or our historical colonial past, Belize has something for everyone.

Originally the small operators offered our tours and were welcomed, then came along the larger operators that work direct with the ships, and yet we still all coexisted with the advent and expansion of the internet.

As of late it has become very difficult for us to compete, but one thing remains sure, if the small local operators go away, so does competitive pricing, and smaller convenient tours. We humbly ask for you to keep having confidence in us the local operators, we strive to offer not only the best prices, but the best excursions tailor made for the guests who want to do more and enjoy more while in Belize.

Please know that your tour dollars go a long way, not only in keeping us in operation, but in keeping many Tour Guides, Drivers, Kitchen Cooks Staff, Support Staff, and many humble, grateful Belizeans employed.

We at Fun Tours Cave Tubing look forward to seeing you in Belize on your next cruise.

Tour with confidence with the Belize Fun Tours Family

Kindest Regards from Sunny Belize

Louigi & The Belize Fun Tours Team

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